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What people are saying:

"Seeing Liz for massage therapy has been essential during the isolation and stress of this year. She promotes a sense of well-being, physically and emotionally. I’m kinder to myself after these visits. Liz is very easy to talk to (or not talk to). She speaks through her gestures, as she kneads and massages. It’s the time I look forward to the most where I feel at peace in the world." -B.F.

"Liz always makes me feel like jello after leaving. I highly recommend her." -M.D.

"Liz is a wonderful massage therapist.She has been helping me for a number of years with my aches and pains.I look forward to my weekly massage." -A.R.

"Liz Welter was able to release tension and muscle tightness that I was experiencing for a long time. She is a very skilled Massage Therapist. I highly recommend her!" -E.S.

"I was looking for a relaxing massage that would ease muscle tension. Liz has such an intuitive nature. She found all the knots in my muscles and magically kneaded them away. The space is quiet, calm, and peaceful." -D.G.

"I have had excellent results from massage therapy with Liz. She has helped relieve pain in my lower back, neck and hip. She is very professional and listens well to her patients. I am feeling better now than I have in a long time. I highly recommend her. Thank you Liz!" -A. D.

For more reviews or to leave your own feedback for Liz click here for Google or here for Yelp.

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